Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The success of the Shamrock Shuffle depends largely on our volunteers. More than 100 volunteers are needed to help at packet pick-up, block party set-up, along the race route, and throughout the event. It's a great opportunity for your business, school group, or family to spend a little time giving back to the community! We can also offer verification of service hours for students seeking to fulfill those requirements.

Volunteer Positions:

Race Route Volunteer*:   
A Race Route Volunteer is placed on the race route at an assigned location.  In general these volunteers are there to make sure participants are going the correct direction, are traveling safely, and answer questions regarding remaining distance, water stations, etc.  This position will require you to stand for at least 2 hours.


  • Must attend volunteer orientation meeting.
  • Must have use of cell phone during the event.


  • Arrival and check in at Mulhauser Barn at 7:45 AM. Be at assigned race route spot until approximately 10:30 AM  

Age Requirement:

  • High School minimum, must be able to stand by oneself on the roadway.
  • If younger, you must be accompanied by a parent to stay with you the entire race.


  • Check in with Assigned Supervisor at 7:35 am.
  • Assist Water Station Volunteers with filling tables of water cups.
  • Report to assigned Race Route station at 8:15 (all roads will be closing potentially denying access to some locations)
  • Race Route Volunteers will be given a car pass to display to police so that you will be allowed access to closed roads.
  • Remain on the race route throughout the race keeping site of the volunteer to your right and left at all times. The follow officer will dismiss at such time appropriate.
  • Notify appropriate personnel if any racers in your area become injured or sick.
  • Post race walk your assigned section of the route and pick up any trash or debris in the road way or on the side of the road.  Stay aware of traffic if you are near other open roads.
  • Proceed to nearest assigned water station to help with tear down and clean up.

Race Route Water Station Volunteer:   

The Water Station Volunteers are in general responsible for set up, maintaining and clean up of the water station.  There are 2 water stations on the course.


  • Attend the mandatory Volunteer training.


  • Arrive at the Beckett Park Ball Fields at 7:45 AM.  Work until all participants have past the water station and clean-up is complete. 
  • Beckett Road Water Station: Approximately 11 am.
  • 10 K Water Stations: Approximately 10 am.


  • Check in with Assigned Supervisor at Ball fields at 7:45.
  • Help set up the water station - have tables full of cups ½ full of water prior to 8:30.  
  • During the race continually fill water cups and distribute to racers.
  • Post race, rake all cups and any other trash / debris place in the provided trash bags.  Break down all tables and stack for pick up by volunteer responsible.  If any personal items for lost by runners keep with water station items (or bring to finish line).

Packet Pick-Up Set Up:         


  • Must be physically able to lift large boxes.


  • Accept Sponsor Material deliveries.
  • Transport or unload T-shirts into room.
  • Set up the race bibs and other materials.

Packet Pick-Up Volunteer:           

The Packet Pick Up Volunteer has a shift Thursday of Friday during packet pick up to distribute race numbers, directions and t-shirts to racers who are pre-registered.


Shifts Flexible: Thursday 4-8, Friday 11 – 7 at the West Chester Library.

A participant will arrive to pick up their packet.  They shall provide the last name, all race bids will be sorted alphabetically.  You will pull the race bid and read to them the info to confirm their 1) Full Name (we often have multiple of the same last name and a few duplicate full names) 2) age/sex 3) 5K or 10K.   They will get the bid, safety pins and their t-shirt (Size will be on the race number).  Only racers who are preregistered are guaranteed T-shirts.  Speak to supervisor is they wish to swap sizes, it depends on numbers if there are any extra t-shirts available.


Same Day Pre-registered or Same Day Registration:

Same Instructions as the Packet Pick Up. 

TRAINING: Encourgaged:

Attend Volunteer Meeting or volunteer/train during packet pickup on Thursday/Friday.

If you are familiar with race pick up or have volunteered before no training required. 

Time:  6:45 to 10:00 AM

Typically works best to have one volunteer on each section of the alphabet, split the line alphabetically and then have one or two on shirts, name pullers call out t-shirts size and hand them forward.

Assist new registrants through from and race number assignment.


Set Up & Starting Line / Course Set Up*:                    

Set up volunteers distribute all items - signs, water, tables, chairs … out of the pods and trucks at the instruction of the Set Up coordinator. 

Requirements:  Set Up volunteers should be physically able to lift and carry heavy loads over and over and over.

Time: Report to the Site at 5:00 am.  And complete by 7:30 am,

Set up volunteers can participate in later shifts or can participate in the race. 


Finish line:

Help sort runners into time slots at start.

Help direct runners to results kiosks

Hand out ribbons/medals to kids crossing finish line.

Time: Report to the Finish line at 8:30


Information Tent:

Answer general questions regarding the event and be able to provide directions.   Must be able to clearly communicate and handle questions and conflicts if any shall arise.


Beer ID Booth*:

Check ID and distribute wrist band to 21+  

Time: 7:30 to set up and ID


Greeters and Pre Race Guides:

A very important aspect of the Race running smoothly is to be able to get people information.  Greeters are the entrances and throughout the Block Party are important to assist participants.   Greeters will answer general questions, direct participants to race start and at the time of line up Greeters will need to speak up in moving the crowd.   

Requirements:  Must be willing to speak up, corral crowds and give directions.

Time: Report to the Finish line at 8:45 until approximately 10:15. 


 Volunteer Opportunities

*Excellent Team/Group Volunteer Opportunity